Men’s fashion – trends for the S/S 2013

News Marzo 2013 - Sartoria - Alessandro FerrandelloLight suit but which colour?\r\nWe’ll see that spring-summer season mainly many shadows of blue and yellow in men’s fashion. the colour of green and red tomato appears as well whereas this trend is not only colour but also fabrics – everything must shine, even suits! this is very important trend, but only for brave men and what’s more with perfect figure. generally two colours are obligatory: gold and silver.\r\n\r\nFrom where idea?\r\nIn suit’s trends S/S we are still inspired by the 20’s. Bright suits mad of light fabrics, with loose-fitting, comfortable cut, verified method for the elegance during very hot days and evenings. it’s worth to indicate, that many of designers encourage to classical, three pieces suit with vest.

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