We provide full range of bespoke tailoring clothes for men and women as well. To order a suit, please contact us to make an appointment in Sartoria Alessandro Ferrandello. During the first meeting all the details of an order are discussed with a tailor: what expectation has a Client, in which situations suit will be worn. Based on all the information and after an analysis of a figure, the model of suit is proposed. The fabric, lining and buttons are selected, and all the details of a suit are discussed. The tailor takes a very detailed measure (for man’s suit it is about 30 measurements). Fulfilment of an order (in the case of men’s suits, jackets and coats) lasts from five till six weeks and needs (depending on a type of figure) from four to six fittings.\r\n\r\nFor us the highest quality is more important than the largest quantity!\r\n\r\n

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